Ms. Karen Gonzales


Ms. Gonzales joined the Board of Directors of the PTSC in August 2018. Ms. Gonzales has during her tenure on the Board of Directors served as Chairman of the Audit Sub-Committee and the Tenders, Contracts and Disposals Sub-Committee as well as Vice Chairman of the Risk Management and Information Technology Sub-Committee. Most recently Ms. Gonzales was made the Chairman of the Human Resources Sub Committee.

With over 18 years’ experience as an Attorney at Law, Ms. Gonzales has been in private practice her entire career. Her practice spans the areas of civil law, conveyancing, probate law and family law. Her areas of experience has allowed her to provide advice to assist the Board of Directors, when necessary, in their decision-making process.

As part of her community service Ms. Gonzales has been an active member of her credit union serving in various capacities on the Board over the last 20 years.