Our Mandate

The PTSC was established by the Public Transport Service Act, No. 2 of 1965, Chapter 48:02. Under the Act, the PTSC is mandated to provide a “safe, adequate, economic and efficient public transportation system, adapted to the needs of the country.”

The legislation empowers the PTSC to:

  • Carry goods and passengers by rail and by road;
  • Store goods;
  • Consign goods on behalf of other persons from any place in Trinidad and Tobago to any other place therein;
  • Provide such amenities and facilities for passengers and other persons making use of the services provided by it as appears to it requisite or expedient to provide.
  • In performing its functions, the PTSC shall provide:

1) Commuter transportation solutions through the following services: 

  • Fixed Route Services
  • Para Transit – ELDAMO
  • School Transport – Public/ Private contract arrangements with maxi taxi operators
  • Charters – private, commercial and ad hoc
  • Tours- Know Your Country Tours

2) Non- Transport Business: 

  • Real estate rental (including advertising)

Our Mission Statement

The pride of our people, our mission is to provide a safe, cost-effective, reliable bus transportation system across communities.

Our Vision

World class, self-sufficient bus transportation provider, moving people forward.

Core Values

Integrity, Openness, People- Focused, Efficiency, Respect, Accountability

Our Strategy

The PTSC’s approved Strategic Plan 2021-2023 is a road map to guide the successful modernization of the Corporation’s Operations to improve the quality and reliability of service delivered to the population.