The PTSC was established by the Public Transport Service Act, No. 2 of 1965, Chapter 48:02. Under the Act, the PTSC is mandated to provide a “safe, adequate, economic and efficient public transportation system, adapted to the needs of the country.” The legislation empowers the PTSC to:
  • Carry goods and passengers by rail and by road;
  • Store goods;
  • Consign goods on behalf of other persons from any place in Trinidad and Tobago to any other place therein;
  • Provide such amenities and facilities for passengers and other persons making use of the services provided by it as appears to it requisite or expedient to provide.
  • In performing its functions, the PTSC shall provide:
    1. Commuter transportation solutions through the following services:
      • Fixed Route Services
      • Para Transit – ELDAMO
      • School Transport – Public/ Private contract arrangements with maxi taxi operators
      • Charters – private, commercial and ad hoc
      • Tours- Know Your Country Tours
    2. Non- Transport Business:
      • Real estate rental (including advertising)
The Public Transport Service Corporation is the largest mass transport service provider for the commuting public of Trinidad and Tobago. The Corporation has seven (7) main depots and three (3) transit malls strategically located throughout the country. The Corporation provides high-quality tours throughout Trinidad and Tobago. These tours cater to both domestic and international tourism as it provides patrons with a unique experience of the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. Our guided tours take patrons to incredible destinations on both isles, such as:
  • The Forts of Tobago;
  • Argyle Waterfall;
  • Speyside Estate;
  • Pitch Lake;
  • Caroni Bird Sanctuary;
  • Gasparee Caves;
  • Icacos Wetlands; and
  • Temple in the Sea.
We also offer All-inclusive tours which allow patrons to have an authentic experience of the unique sub-cultures and foods of Trinidad and Tobago. These tours include:
  • Taste of Manzanilla;
  • Kelrosa Sanctuary and Tree House Roast
  • Taste of Debe
  • Tobago Crab and Dumpling