Mr. Mandel Moise


Mr. Mandel Moise is a professional Civil Engineer who has over twelve years’ experience in Project and Construction Management. Under his remit, he has designed and managed civil work contracts as complexed as multi storey systems to simple single unit homes.

Presently, Mr Moise serves as an adviser to the Liaison Unit and Curriculum advisory Board for the University Of Trinidad and Tobago Civil Engineering Department, where he was brought on by Professor Winston Suite.

In the year 2018, Mr. Moise enhanced his career path by taking his skills sets to The Hospital and Patient care arena. He started within the Engineering Department, where he acted as the Senior Civil Engineer and Contracts’ Officer II. On the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, he was shifted to the position of Caura Hospital Manager, where he would have been part of the commissioning team, to accept the first Covid 19 patient within the country.

Subsequent to this, the CEO in his capacity decided to utilize Mr Moise’s skillsets within another facility, where he was upgraded to Couva Hospital Administrator the position he holds to date.