Driving Academy

In 2009, the Operations and Human Resource Departments collaborated to establish the Driving Academy. The main focus was to train newly hired drivers, but to date the functions at the academy have extended to include other types of training, as well as hosting tribunals and union meetings.

The Public Transport Service Corporation Driving Academy is now the primary training facility for all employees, and is responsible for submitting a Training Needs Analysis to the Corporation on an annual basis. Once approved, the respective departments are contacted, to ensure that a comprehensive selection process is facilitated, ensuring that the relevant training needs are met. New recruit orientation, customer service training, and Driver Recertification training are just a few examples of the training offered.

The Academy’s classroom, which regularly seats twenty-four (24) driver/trainees, now allows a limit of twelve (12) driver/trainees due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Bus Simulator, is a state-of-the-art, specially engineered device, specifically designed for expert practical driving. The PTSC’s tagline, “Moving People Forward”, envisioned this technology as a way to holistically improve our most important asset, our drivers, and secure the long-term safety of our passengers. The simulator provides trainees with realistic experiences, allowing them to operate, navigate and manage a bus prior to the live “road test”. This software gives trainees the necessary practice in handling real-life scenarios and situations on the road.