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we connect people.

The Corporation provides high-quality tours throughout Trinidad and Tobago. These tours cater to both domestic and international tourism as it provides patrons with a unique experience of the culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our guided tours take patrons to incredible destinations on both isles, such as:

  • The Forts of Tobago;
  • Argyle Waterfall;
  • Speyside Estate;
  • Pitch Lake;
  • Caroni Bird Sanctuary;
  • Gasparee Caves;
  • Icacos Wetlands; and
  • Temple in the Sea.

We also offer All-inclusive tours which allow patrons to have an authentic experience of the unique sub-cultures and foods of Trinidad and Tobago. These tours include:

  • Taste of Manzanilla;
  • Kelrosa Sanctuary and Tree House Roast
  • Taste of Debe
  • Tobago Crab and Dumpling

Speyside Estate Tour

Argyle Waterfalls Tour

The Forts of Tobago

Turtle Watching

Southern Natural Wonders (Pitch Lake)

Samsara Nature Park & Pioneers Dragon Fruit Estate

Kelrosa Sanctuary & Tree House Roast (All-Inclusive Package)

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

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