Our Fleet

Number of fleet types


Bus sizes

Range from 6 meters to 18.5 meters

Number of brands



Higer, Sunlong, Yutong, Volvo, International, Marcopolo, Mitsubishi, Thomas Cummins

Operational Core


Fuel Type

Diesel and CNG

Seating Capacities

Range from 11 to 72 passengers

  • Some buses are outfitted with on-board computer systems which track and record various data on the performance of the bus so the information can be analyzed and recorded for further improvements.
  • Daily first line checks are carried out on each bus to ensure efficient performance and reliability on the road.
  • Planned Maintenance is carried out in a timely manner utilizing both a time and mileage based system where full mechanical, electrical, air conditioning, body and service checks are carried out by skilled technicians in their respective fields. This ensures that we maintain an optimum bus run-out to service the travelling public.