Kelrosa Sanctuary & Tree House Roast (All-Inclusive Package)

Nestled in the quiet countryside of Tableland, Kelrosa Eco Sanctuary is your answer to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. On this tour, patrons would be given the opportunity to tour the Kelrosa Cocoa Estate with the taste of the richness of hot cocoa straight from the fields not to mention the exquisite cocoa wine samples. After that wonderful tour they would proceed for lunch at the Treehouse Roast Restaurant where the southern hospitality is abundant, for the famous Roast Fish and Buttered Cassava. At the last stop patrons would be visit The Knolly’s Tunnel. One of the Caribbean’s longest underground tunnel which was built in 1898. The purpose was to expand access for the growing Cocoa Industry in Tabaquite via the Trinidad Government Railways (TGR).

Seven (7) Hours
Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) Adult and One Hundred and Seventy-Five Dollars ($175.00) Children
Departure Time:
9:00 am at Port of Spain Depot