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Platform Rental

The Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) has decided to open its doors to you! PTSC currently owns a fleet of over three hundred (300) busses and operates five (5) bus terminals across Trinidad and one (1) in Tobago as well as the Priority Bus Route. We also have over three hundred (300) bus stops where Bus Shelters can be erected.

The Port of Spain Hub sees an escalating pedestrian traffic over 150,000 people on a daily basis with a turnover of TT$14 million in ticket sales over the last year.

The PTSC has employed agencies; Click Media Ltd and Advantage Advertising Limited to assist with the development of our advertising strategies. With their help we now offer digital advertising in all our locations, light-box signs and bus wraps.

This is the beginning of a new era in advertising and marketing possibilities for us, once a small bus corporation to now the largest land transpiration provider in Trinidad and Tobago. Discover PTSC! Discover our world of advertising!


There are five (5) major boarding hubs that you can promote your services, these are:

  1. Sangre Grande
  2. Arima
  3. Port of Spain
  4. San Fernando
  5. Point Fortin

(NB. The cost to do a promotion in Port of Spain is $800.00 per hour.)

A package can be given depending on the number of days and time taken. Emails can be forwarded to rkawal(at) sseeram(at) or rbiswah(at)


Bus wraps and lit box signs can be done in tandem with ongoing advertising and promotional campaigns; PTSC has contracted an agency Advantage Advertising to handle this type of work. The contact information for this agency is as follows;

  1. Email- ptscadvertising(at)gmail(dot com)
  2. Sean-Cell-471-6600
  3. Website-www(dot)ptscadvertising(dot com)


Our 42 inch media screens can also play a major part in your plans; there are over 450,000 persons that chose the PTSC as their main source of transportation in all sections of society. The PTSC is also contracted an agency Click Media to handle this. The contact information for this agency is as follows;

  1. Adam Milne -Cell-384-9852, Tele-663-0604
  2. Email-  adam(at)clickmediatt(dot com)
  3. Website- www(dot)clickmediatt(dot com)


The PTSC has a wide range of advertising and promotional options that can meet your target market, our bus wraps are becoming very popular as PTSC with the introduction of new routes has gone into the rural areas where sometimes there is no other transportation is present, in addition to which we also do chartering of buses and know your country tours through out Trinidad and Tobago.