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International (IO)

Our International (IO) buses denote comfort and style. These buses can accommodate 49 seated passengers.  These buses are fully air-conditioned and furnished with AM/FM radios and DVD players. The soft, fabric covered seats, can be reclined to suit your needs which allows for sheer relaxation during your journey.  

Mitsubishi Buses

In an effort to fulfil the transport needs of all citizens throughout Trinidad and Tobago our Mitsubishi bus is  the preferred type of bus used  for rural transport. These buses are fully air- conditioned with a seating capacity of 25 and equipped with AM/FM radios.


In the year 2007, the PTSC purchased a total of 25 Caio buses.  These buses accommodate a total of 65 passengers, 45 seated and 20 standing.  Provision is made for pregnant passengers, persons carrying babies, senior citizens and the differently- abled in the form of reserved seats located at the front of the buses, commonly referred to as “preferred seating”. In keeping with our high standards, these buses are also fully air-conditioned with emergency push type windows located on either side of the vehicle.  They are also equipped with AM/FM radios.

Water Taxis

The Water  Taxis , purchased solely for the purpose of transporting commuters to and from the Water Taxi Terminal in Port-of-Spain,  were designed for (short drops) urban operation “around town” and has a seating capacity of 32 with room for standing passengers.  These buses were purchased in  2008 from Higer Bus Company Ltd of China and  carries four (4) emergency windows and two (2) overhead emergency exits.  The seats are made of hard plastic and are fully air conditioned with Am/fm radio frequencies.

Articulated  Buses

In June 2005 the PTSC purchased 12 new Volvo articulated buses. These buses have the ability to accommodate 115 passengers per unit, 65 seated and 50 standing.  There is "preferred seating" for pregnant mothers and senior citizens at the front of the vehicle and a Property and Revenue Protection Officer is also on board. Each vehicle is fully air-conditioned and passengers can travel in comfort as they are safely transported to their various destinations.

Higer - (Tobago)

In our sister aisle Tobago, the Higer buses with a seating capacity of 29 are utilised for rural transport services. With reclining seats and  radios and DVD players, these buses provide air conditioned comfort and relaxation as commuters travel to and from their destinations in Tobago.

Higer - (Trinidad)

Similarly, the Higer buses in Trinidad  are utilised on rural routes throughout Trinidad with an increased seating capacity of 33. Once again these buses provide seats that can be reclined and radios and DVD players, all within the realm of providign comfort and relaxation to commuters.

City Service

For those of you who wish to move within the parameters of the City of Port-of-Spain and San Fernando, the City Service buses would be your preferred mode of transport.  The City Service bus was designed for urban operation and has a seating capacity of 33 seated and room for standing passengers.  It was purchased in 2008 and  carries two (2) emergency windows and two (2) overhead emergency exits. Furnished once again with Am/Fm radio frequencies and fabric covered seats,  the commuter can have an enjoyable experience as they travel around the city in comfort, all within the confines of a spacious and fully air conditioned bus.

 Disabled (DA) Buses

These buses are  used exclusively to transport both adults and children who bear  physical disabilities. The unit accommodates 8 seated persons and 4 wheel chairs and also provides a 'lift' to place passengers on board. The service is fully utilized  from Monday to Friday and necessary arrangements for bookings can be made with the corporation.

The Champion Titan

The Titan, the largest and one of our more exclusive buses,  transports 46 passengers. There is comfortable seating, reading lights, air-conditioning and accommodation for baggage. It  is exclusively for special corporate charters to transport international visitors, dignitaries and other exceptional clients.



The Marcopolo bus accommodates approximately 69 passengers which includes 40 seats. The vehicle is fully air-conditioned and is equipped with both an AM/FM radio and CD player for the passenger's listening pleasure.

Deluxe Coach

The Deluxe Coach is the newest member of our fleet, and the most luxurious of them all. Equipped with all the amenities to ensure utmost comfort and relaxation  when travelling between the two major cities of  San Fernando and  Port-of-Spain,  our  Deluxe Coach guarantees a stress free and relaxed journey.