Public Transport Service Corporation

Driving for Excellence

















Executive Team



Mr. Ronald Forde

General Manager


Ms. Cerone Bayley


Corporate Secretary                 

  Mr. Keith Castor


  Manager - Health and Saftey


  Mr. Shawn Edwards


  Deputy General Manager - Properties

  Mr. Carl Ramdeo


  Deputy General Manager - Marketing and Communications

  Mr. Brian Juanette


  Deputy General Manager - Operations

  Mr. Rishi Ramlogan


  Assistant Deputy General Manager - Information Technology

 Mrs. Roxanne Cox


  Deputy General Manager - Finance and Accounting

Mr. Henry Cook


Assistant Deputy General Manager - Operations & Engineering(Tobago)


Mr. Keith Johnson

Deputy General Manager - Human Resource







Members of the Management and Supervisory Team




  Mrs. Venita Fenson-Brereton

 Supervisor- Marketing Services


  Mr. Kishore Satram

 Assistant Operations Manager (Sangre  Grande)


  Mr. Anthony Thompson

 Assistant Operations Manager (San Fernando)


Mr. Kenrick Edwards


Manager, Security Services

Ms. Jennifer Martin-Moses

Senior Human Resource Officer


Mr. Shawn Harris

ParaTransit Manager